Wollongong Uni, Brian Martin & Judy Wilyman: How Far Is Too Far?

As many of you know a recent comment from one Judy Wilyman has drawn enormous attention. Judy is a strident antivaccination lobbyist. On the matter of addressing or providing evidence, Judy’s record is arguably less than ideal. Perhaps more times than a reasonable person would accept Judy has inferred conspiratorial motives block her from exposing […]

Vaccination saved us from…what, exactly?

So goes one heading over at the No Compulsory Vaccination blog, leading to a screed of disturbingly accusatory silliness borne of the confidence from one graph. Dr Raymond Obomsawin is one of the few to knock up a bogus graph that cites decreasing incidence of measles infection rather than the boring old general mortality we’ve […]

Woodford Folk Festival Promote Dangerous Anti-Vaccination Myths

That’s a Blue Lotus flower. Beautiful isn’t it? The perfect delicate corolla of petals opening up as if to embrace as much of nature as possible whilst it presents that corona or crown of pollen for harvest. For a short time it will maintain this wonderful display and then subside to make way for the […]

Vaccination: Making the right choice seminar with Meryl Dorey

A strange scene unfolded in the pre-dawn hours of Tuesday in a run down hanger on an abandoned air strip just outside of Bungalow NSW. Meryl Dorey was preparing for her Perth seminar, Vaccination: Making the right choice. All night trucks and vans had been delivering the Myths and Lies Meryl would be using in […]

There’s Something About VAERS

What is VAERS? OpenVAERS VAERS Underreporting What antivaxxers won’t tell you Antivax Winning Formula Conclusion Since the inception of VAERS, anti-vaccination activists have misused reports as a cornerstone in their campaign to misinform and mislead. Vaccination against COVID-19 has led to that misuse exploding. What is VAERS? VAERS is the U.S. based Vaccine Adverse Event […]