A skeptical more or less activist and evidence based health policy advocate’s views, comments and opinions on the many inroads journeyed by The Enemies Of Reason.

Like many skeptics I am concerned about so-called alternative medicine, its lack of regulation and the impact of ideologically driven practices on public health. I’m also an advocate for Australia’s strong evidence-based illicit drug policy of Harm Minimisation, perhaps because it is also attacked by those who defer to a belief system rather than facts. This is also the mindset of those opposing immunisation.

Writing a blog on ’skeptical musings on the denial of evidence’ and a supporter of Stop The AVN, I find I’m frequently writing about the anti-vaccination movement. Social media is a platform they exploit constantly and well. As skeptics we ignore this at our peril.

Evidence confirms that refuting misinformation has little or even negative impact on anti-science beliefs. But revealing the ingenuous nature of anti-vaxxers helps establish a consistent pattern. This, one hopes, will motivate others to look more closely at their choices.

Conspiracy theories are a constant thorn in the side of skeptics. Thanks to Donald Trump and COVID-19 they have grown substantially via social media. Enemies Of Reason are attacking mainstream media with the aim of discrediting the truth. This provides both opportunity and work for active skeptics.

Jolly good, carry on…. Australia

Paul Gallagher

Melbourne, Victoria



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