A skeptical more or less activist and evidence based health policy advocate’s views, arguments and refutations of deceit and harmful ideologies.

Skepticism in this case, refers to scientific skepticism. This is not the place for arguments in defence of climate scepticism or a refuge for vaccine sceptics. Skepticism isn’t about contrariness or denial or even doubt for the sake of doubt. It’s about evidence. 

Like many skeptics I am concerned about so-called alternative medicine, its lack of regulation and the impact of ideologically driven practices on public health. Presently however my attention, like yours, is drawn to all issues COVID-19. Anti-vaccination activists, anti-lockdown protesting, conspiracy theories, spoiled, wealthy, privileged, white con artists role playing at political dissidence and incredibly, actual MPs and senators with a finger in each pie.

Social media is a platform they all exploit constantly and well. We’ve seen the impact of this in well organised protests and the skilful amplification of the anti-vaccine message. More recently ivermectin, used to treat parasitic infections in cattle, is being taken to prevent or even treat COVID-19 by those opposed to COVID-19 vaccination. This has led to testimonials and harmful instructions in social media echo chambers. And yes, those who have been calling the rest of us sheep are at the front of the queue.

Most of the posts I write are longer than need be to argue my point. This is because I do a lot of reading and collect a decent amount of information in framing arguments. In addition they make useful references for myself and others, particularly when topics take on fresh importance or need to be revisited. I don’t make claims that aren’t backed by evidence and at least one source. Usually multiple sources. 

I frequently publish audio clips from podcasts and videos presented by those who peddle disinformation and misinformation for ideology, ego and profit. This brings a certain amount of reality. At times audio grabs can be infuriating. Some offer bogus claims delivered with such drama, it’s as humorous as it is disturbing.

There’s a lot of misinformation online at present. However those who manufacturer and distribute it full time, cause demonstrable and measurable harm. They need to be challenged and refuted. Actually, they need to be just refuted.

Feel free to comment on posts, chat on Twitter or reach out below.


Paul Gallagher

Melbourne, Victoria


September 2021


Twitter: @advodcartis

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  1. I appreciated your post showing the correction Dr. McNulty made to his statement on the number of people in intensive care in NSW that had been vaccinated.

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