Rachael Dunlop talks homeopathy

Dr. Rachael Dunlop, Vice President of Australian Skeptics, chats on 4MK about homeopathy in Australia [approx 11min].

Rachael touches on the harm caused by homeopathy – the denial of evidence based medicine. Specifically, baby Gloria Thomas and Penelope Dingle – wife of the unimaginably unethical Dr. Peter Dingle.

Dingle, a professional “toxin” fear monger made a pact with a homeopath to write a book about the hoped for “cure”, gambling with his wife’s life. Feel free to read the inquest below. Page 40 begins the evidence and demolition of the lies of homeopath Francine Scrayen. The bald faced lying of Dingle himself begins on page 61. The brutality of the pairs callousness defies description. The State Coroner of Western Australia dismisses the veracity of both their testimonies.

It’s true that Penelope believed homeopathy would work. Yet, the decision to save her and follow medical advice was refuted by Peter Dingle and Scrayen time and again. Soon to be on ABC’s Australian Story – watch promo. Below that is a confronting video on baby Gloria, who died of eczema after her parents dismissed medical advice or failed to follow through. They were jailed for manslaughter.

What’s The harm: Gloria Thomas Sam