Of Chiropractors and Cockypop

Of course we don’t support vaccination, it’s the biggest medical sham since bloodletting!

Written defiantly on the Australian (anti) Vaccination Network Facebook wall by Jason Parkes, Chiropractor.

Jason’s defiance was in response to the July 27th article, Doctors accuse chiropractors of selling anti-vaccination message. It’s not only chilling in it’s partisan arrogance and ignorance but speaks of a discipline that is unprofessional in the extreme and polluted by an “anything goes” mentality. His musing sits, splendidly, somewhere between Meryl Dorey’s accusation that those who question unproven expensive “therapy” are the “ignorant, anti-choice mob”, and likening herself to Abraham Lincoln and Doug Gwyn on the matter of Truth.

Did Parkes face any professional criticism, perhaps from senior members or his employers at Boambee Chiropractic? Was he contacted by the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia and chastised over the inherent danger and risk to public health in his claim or threatened with disciplinary action? The type of discipline that actual doctors, individually accountable for their actions would face? Did vaccine scaremonger chiropractors such as Nimrod Weiner and Warren Sipser who rely on a veneer of credibility ask him to reconsider?

I don’t really know but as of a few seconds ago his comment remains. And yes, that is Meryl Dorey with a straight face accusing someone of being “shockingly unprofessional”, for quoting a chiropractor on informed choice;

Interestingly, the article included;

The CAA’s research arm, the Spinal Research Foundation recently invited Meryl Dorey from the AVN as guest speaker at a conference in Brisbane.

“I spoke with some third-generation chiropractors whose parents and grandparents were pioneers of this healing art in Australia,” she wrote on her site.

“Many of them are completely unvaccinated and they just glowed … They are the best advertisement for chiropractic and natural health you could possibly get.”

The AMA called on Federal Health Minister to review Medicare payments to chiropractors who supported the anti-vaccination lobby. A spokesperson for Nicola Roxon said chiropractors must adhere to their Code of Conduct, which includes clear directions on promoting public health through prevention and separating personal views from patient care.

So, we’re paying for Earth Mama Moonbeam & Co. to gaze at the navel, conjuring up new ways to pocket fees. The Chiropractors’ Association of Australia claim to not have an official position on vaccination. This is simply not true. Chiropractic today, infiltrated by new age quacks seeks above all, to profit. In this light recommending vaccination breaches their cardinal goal in that it would effectively divert patients toward one of the Arch Nemesi – the medical profession.

Indeed any evidence based health profession is fair game in chiropractic scamming. The CAA’s unspoken position on vaccination is to cast as much doubt on it’s safety and efficacy as possible whilst simultaneously exploiting uncertainty by offering to do the impossible. To improve immunity by chiropractic diddlie dee so that patients won’t need vaccination.

Added to this are creatures like Weiner and Sipser. Warren Sipser tripped over his ego and became the subject of the piece The Chiro Kids in The Australian. Already well known for selling his services as an “expert witness” against the necessity of vaccines, he blundered yet again into the real world and damned himself by his own words and actions. Claiming to cure colds, ear infections, colic, bed-wetting, hyperactivity, asthma Sipser produced the globally debunked journal articles on DNA repair and optimisation of the immune system which makes vaccination unnecessary. This is based on the hokus pokus of their 19th century founder – a magnetic healer – who believed in God given energy flows.

Although the article gave a fair and balanced report on arguments for and against the new age sham, the CAA were consequently rather unhappy about individual practitioners speaking to the media. Much like Dorey’s tantrum above suggests, when it’s actually written down in context it is patently absurd.

Despite having zero qualifications in immunology or medicine, Nimrod Weiner from Newtown Community Chiropractic runs public “seminars”, that he advertises via the Australian Vaccination Network called Vaccinations: An informed choice

Despite the de-registration of Andrew Wakefield for his fraudulent work attempting to link autism to the MMR vaccine, the removal of his paper from The Lancet and careful exposure of how he was to benefit financially from his scam, Weiner admires him. Despite the fact this gastroenterologist lodged a patent claim for a monovalent vaccine well before attacking the trivalent vaccine, Weiner refers to Wakefield as “an autism expert”. A board member of Australian Spinal Research Foundation, and the Chiropractic Association of Australia (NSW), Weiner’s rather predatory conduct is a black mark against his entire discipline.

Weiner’s full presentation is here for those interested. Dr. Rachael Dunlop has written an extensive deconstruction which I highly recommend, of a Nimrod Weiner seminar that she attended. His product is doubt. The more he sells the better for God given energy flows. You can get an idea of Weiner’s Nimroddery from this slide;

Yesterday The Medical Observer published Chiropractors under fire for dubious health claims. It noted that the AMA had called upon the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency – AHPRA seeking “urgent action to rein in fringe elements within the chiropractic profession relating to various unsubstantiated claims about their treatments.” The article continued;

AMA president Dr Steve Hambleton said he understood a high number of complaints had also been lodged with AHPRA over claims made by some chiropractors that they could cure diseases by correcting subluxations in the spine. The demands for closer scrutiny of chiropractors have come amid media reports claiming some chiropractors were advising parents against childhood immunisation. […..]

“Claiming you can fix a patient’s genes or that their children don’t need to be vaccinated is dangerous,” said Dr Hambleton. “We need to make sure that if you are a registered practitioner, the claims you make have a scientific basis.” Chiropractors’ Association of Australia president Simon ­Floreani said many people “perceived chiropractors as ‘back-crackers’ only, but we really want to be at the primary care level”. He described Dr Hambleton’s comments as “ill-informed”.

University of NSW emeritus professor of medicine John Dwyer said while many chiropractors were skilled at physical therapy, he backed the AMA’s move, saying there were increasing numbers who accepted the “unscientific nonsense” that spine flexibility caused disease. Past president of the Chiropractors Registration Board of Victoria John Reggars said it was frustrating to see the good results chiropractors could achieve for musculoskeletal conditions overshadowed by the fundamentalist fringe.

Clearly the new woo has infiltrated the CAA and Simon Floreani can “want” all he desires. Until these peddlers of cockypop and belief systems can provide evidence supporting their presence “at the primary care level”, they remain a Clear and Present Danger to Critical Thought and proper health management. I find the intent to reciprocate with the wider health community is summed up well by this predetermined, close minded, sarcastic comment from chiropractor Rob Hutchings, another devotee to the twilight zone of the Australian Vaccination Network;

One wonders if the evidence we don’t bother to read includes Jeremy Youngblood’s death certificate and autopsy report.

Jeremy recently died of a massive stroke, cerebral oedema and pulmonary embolism with bronchopneumonia following a severed vertebral artery whilst undergoing a “routine” chiropractic manipulation.

Is this enough “primary care level” for you, Simon Floreani?


Jeremy Youngblood’s death certificate in PDF.


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