High Court Challenge to School Chaplains

ABC 7:30 Report segment on Ron Williams’ High Court challenge to Australian National School Chaplaincy Program


Twitter: #NSCP #StopNSCP #HighCourtNSCP


One thought on “High Court Challenge to School Chaplains

  1. Tim Mander comments in SMH

    “Nevertheless, no matter what the faith of the chaplain, they provide comfort and support to all students and staff, regardless of their religious affiliation or beliefs. People often make the mistake of equating religious education classes with chaplaincy, however, the two are separate and distinct in role, function and personnel.”

    Which should leave any sane person asking why commitment to religion forms part of the test for the job. If I see “MYOB” listed on an employment ad, I tend to assume the job will involve computers and, more specifically, the use of MYOB software. The notion that one must be a recognised and committed Christian (or other) to get a particular job that, supposedly, does not involve the use or application of religion makes no sense whatsoever. In that sense, it seems more like plain and simple religious discrimination.

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