Sunrise hype mandatory vaccination

Firstly, there is no “push” for mandatory vaccination. Anti-vaxxers like the Australian Vaccination Network market this to garner support against Big Government.

Scheibner uses the same tune again

Yet if ever there’s an argument for mandatory vaccination it’s people like Viera Schiebner – or rather, the potential harm they cause. On this Sunrise segment, Scheibner (who keeps documents in a parsnip box) is given far too much time to sound convincing using the old “driving licence tests cause road fatalities” non-logic of correlation.

She also fails to distinguish between disease trend moving from correlating issues with polio to outbreak epidemiology with pertussis. All the while Scheibner suggests this is of course, an argument against vaccines.
Professor Robert Booy gets only a brief chance to slay her with facts. Facts that prove her to be lying.

It is not the vaccinated who die from vaccine preventable disease and he delivers the goods. The facts are clear. Risk/benefit is in favour of vaccination. Schiebner’s correlation myth and claims that disease is best for immunity are ignorant of facts and grossly irresponsible.

Channel 7 gave air time to an eccentric micro-palaeontologist intent on sabotaging vaccination regimes in pursuit of ratings. For shame, 7, for shame!

Sunrise Thu. September 8th, 2011


2 thoughts on “Sunrise hype mandatory vaccination

  1. Must be nearly time for Mel & Kochie to trot out the old “miracle cures in your pantry” segment and “how to choose the right psychic”. It’s quality TV for the over-educated masses, to be sure.

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