Dr Death – Hellfried Sartori’s Cancer cure scam

Australia’s 60 Minutes program recently screened an episode on Dr. Hellfried Sartori’s lethal “alternative” cancer “treatment and cure”.

In the time honoured tradition of cancer cure scams, Sartori claims to be able to cure 98% of cancers – including “highly advanced metastatic cancer” – and has done so for “ten thousand” patients who are spreading the word “in the underground”, he says.

“The Underground?”, you may ask. His “miracle cure” you see, would “put pharmaceutical companies out of business” and was “unauthorised”, relayed family members who were scammed by “cutting edge” mimicry. It was a poisonous cocktail.

Featured in this program are members of families who lost loved ones in appalling circumstances in Perth. This led to a Coronial Inquest in November 2010. The inquest heard of 25 Aussies, 24 (including a six year old Sydney girl) of whom are dead. The other person hasn’t been found.

Sartori (sometimes bobbing up as Abdul-Haqq Sartori) has been jailed twice in the US. Although convicted over various frauds, including an AIDS cure scam whilst practising medicine without a licence in Thailand, he is unrepentant. In Perth, according to Fairfax:

Celia Kemp suggested to Mr Sartori that he could only see success and not failure, that his clinical skills were deficient, that he had lied and exaggerated about his treatment as part of luring sick people into paying him for dubious treatments, and that his success rate for curing cancer was zero.

Mr Sartori replied that 50 per cent of the cure for cancer was positive thinking by the patient. He conceded he had exaggerated about the efficacy of his treatments, insisted he could cure cancer and admitted lying to Australian authorities. ”If any treatment has proved benefits, it is this treatment,” he told the court. ”And I have not violated my Hippocratic oath.”

He has a long history of “vitamin” and “ozone” cancer cures, charging up to $40,000 in Australia. He is deregistered in a number of U.S. states. The 60 Minutes program includes a short interview with Dr. Alexandra Boyd. His Australian caper occurred whilst he was in custody in Thailand. Rather than a clinic, a house owned by Dr. Boyd was used. Unregistered nurses administered Sartoris useless, and lethal cocktail. During the inquest in 2010 Dr. Boyd went missing, until found to have voluntarily admitted herself to a psychiatric clinic. According to The Australian:

She was forced to testify before Western Australia’s Coroner’s Court via telephone link from a mental health clinic in Fremantle after being deemed fit to give evidence by her psychiatrist. [….] The five patients received a mixture of minerals, industrial solvents and paint stripper while being treated in Dr Boyd’s home in 2005. They later died, some after vomiting green fluid and suffering chronic diarrhoea.

So how is such rubbish sold? How are people convinced to use such dangerous compounds? Sartori’s web site still pushes his “alternative cancer treatment” scam. Other alternative cancer care sites promote Sartori, Liquid Cesium Chloride and Dimethyl Sulfoxide. DSMO (“the magic bullet for cancer”) is used in other dubious treatments including arthritis creams. Whilst it has genuine medicinal uses due to it’s ability to penetrate skin and cell membranes without damage, it is favoured by alternative “health” scams.

Abusing the work of others on conditions which favour cancer growth, Sartori’s suspect “research” of exactly the same concept – that cancer cells survive longer in acidic or anaerobic environments – is quoted. Thus, Cesium Chloride, “one of the most alkaline elements” will kill off the cancer cell by raising pH and boosting O2. Intravenous DSMO aids in getting the CsCl into the cell.

His ozone theory is bizarre. Citing a number of populations that live at high altitude and experience longevity, Sartori reasons this is due to greater concentrations of ozone. The higher one goes the more UV action on oxygen, hence greater ozone concentration. Since “time immemorial” lowland women could not fall pregnant in the highlands, unless acclimatised. Assuming this is due to ozone, Sartori further postulates if a fetus will not grow then surely cancer will not grow. “… as ozone temporarily stops the growth of the embryo, it too stops the growth of a quantity of quick growing cancer.”

B17 or laetrile is another component. The Hunzas of Northern Pakistan are one of the high altitude communities with longevity quoted by Sartori. Laetrile is found in the seeds of apricots – a favoured Hunza food. Apricots have been palmed off as a path to longevity for decades due to this association, but vitamin scams take it one further and push the laetrile angle. Along with zinc, selenium and ascorbic acid Sartori adds B17 to his IV cancer cure.

And Viola! There you have your $40,000 lethal intravenous mix.


12 thoughts on “Dr Death – Hellfried Sartori’s Cancer cure scam

  1. It is not a scam. Cesium chloride has been shown to cause apoptosis in several forms of cancer. I myself have taken it and consider it to be safe. I have also used Laetrile, zinc, selenium, and ascorbic acid.

    • Special pleading testimonials are worthless. I won my athletic clubs cross country trophy smoking cigarettes and pot. I had a VO2 max reading (oxygen uptake) of 81.4 ml/kg/min as a young dope smoking student in 1984. The track and field Olympic team heading to LA were tested in the same lab’ and couldn’t beat 70ml.

      See the problem with your reasoning?

    • Hi Jermaine,

      I’d appreciate it you could be a little more clear. Yet, I take it you’re in favour of the Sartori abomination and seem to attribute financial motives to myself.

      My, how novel. In other news you might like to read this recent article – Raw apricot kernels being sold as cancer cure despite cyanide warnings that popped up in local press.

      Despite warnings by Food Standards Australia New Zealand about the dangers of eating the kernels, which have high levels of naturally occurring cyanide, ChiTree, based in the central highlands town of Harcourt, continues to sell them online. The kernels are also available in organic food stores and some Asian supermarkets.

      Cancer Council Australia, which says there is no evidence the kernels have curative powers, wants them banned. ”If you eat a large enough amount of this stuff you essentially get cyanide poisoning,” the council’s chief executive, Professor Ian Olver, said.

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  3. ChiTree has never sold apricot kernels as a cancer cure. Yes, people use apricot kernels for alternative cancer treatment, but there are many different legitimate uses for apricot kernels outside of natural medicine. This sensationalism makes me ill, unlike apricot kernels.

    There will always be unscrupulous individuals ready to take advantage of the desperate, but not everyone can be painted with the same brush. Apricot kernels have continued to be used for decades because people continue to experience benefit. The anecdotal evidence can’t be denied. The scientific evidence is lacking because the science has never been looked at.

    There hasn’t ever been one documented death resulting from apricot kernels, and yet these alarmist reports continue. 10’s of thousands of people die every year from alcohol poisoning. Apricot kernels are a natural analgesic. They are exceptionally nutritious and do in fact provide hope in not so hopeful circumstances. Our dog has been virtually cured of his cancer after we began using apricot kernels nearly a year ago. As far as I’m aware, dogs aren’t susceptible to placebos. Incidentally, it is ChiTree’s apricot kernels we use. Not because they told us to use them, but because our vet told us to use them!

    Cyanide is a natural dietary expectation. The body knows exactly what to do with it. It is only when too much is consumed that it becomes toxic, but a fatal dose is a massive quantity and very unlikely. The poison is in the dose. Chemotherapeutic drugs are way, way, way more toxic than apricot kernels, and the evidence for extension of life for most forms of cancer is completely lacking. Despite this, a hell of a lot more people use chemotherapeutic drugs than do apricot kernels, and literally hundreds of thousands of people die each year from chemo poisoning. Their death certificates list cancer as the cause of death. It’s no coincidence that people die weeks after diagnosis and the commencement of conventional treatments. Without treatment, people survive years with active cancer.

  4. I used the Cesium Chloride and Potassiem Chloride for 3 months and it reduced the tumor in my eye’s conjunctiva by 90 %. It is important to maintain a high PH balance int he body. I’m glad that I didn’t go through with the toxic drug Chemo coctail that the Roswell Cancer Inst wanted me to take systemically for 3 months.

    The cautiion is to have plenty of ptossium on hand for heart palpitations..

  5. Alas. Sartori’s poison is still shilled in the US — example here:

    It’s fairly common for defrocked, disbarred quack doctors to take up a pen and write. They can sell their books without violating laws — and indirectly spread their poison instead of injecting it directly into desperate, despairing patients. What’s worse, the First Amendment, the right to free speech, pretty much guarantees that people can publish anything with impunity.

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