Adults need booster shots – Chain of Protection

Adult immunisations are crucial to maintaining the chain of protection against infectious disease.

Video presented by Professor Robert Booy, Immunisation and Infectious Diseases Expert, The Children’s Hospital Westmead, The University of Sydney, NCIRS.

The Weak Link: Adult Immunisations from Chain of Protection on Vimeo.


2 thoughts on “Adults need booster shots – Chain of Protection

  1. Reblogged this on reasonablehank and commented:
    I’ve only just had the chance to watch this new video from Chain of Protection. What a wonderful production featuring a wonderful group of selfless people, presented by the equally lovely Professor Robert Booy. Kudos and thanks to all involved in this.

  2. reasonableblank:

    lovely Professor Robert Booy.

    Who eerily looks like my dear hubby, who also also has a multi-vowel Dutch name. Except my hubby speaks with a Canadian accent. He also suffered last weekend because he had both the Tdap and shingles vaccines. He did react, but realized it was better than getting shingles or transmitting pertussis. I suffered a bit with the shingles vaccine, and I got the Tdap last year.

    A day or so of feeling off and out of it is better than getting really sick.

    (Oh, wow, even the graying of the beard looks the same! Really, it is very strange.)

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