Ex-QLD police officer alleges corruption in manslaughter case

I am an ex-Sgt of Police after 20 years in Queensland. Every SIDS mother told me their babies were healthy prior to vaccines and then deteriorated and died after.

Christopher William Savage

The above is from July 29th this year.

It’s in an AVN Facebook thread that again highlights the one way street of free speech down which Meryl Dorey travels. A commenter to a Blogger post joked they wanted to throw rotten fruit at Meryl. Another commenter warned her of the obvious currency the AVN would get from this.

Nonetheless, our stalker-at-large, Liz Hempel had the persons details in moments. She’d discovered the person was a police officer and figured the lodging of an official complaint was in order. Chris Savage is also an ever-helpful conspiracy theorist and antivaccination devotee. He chimed in;

Meryl thanked her loyal minions.

The purpose for this diversion? Well, Savage’s attention to the proper conduct of serving police officers seems to be a new found concern.

On July 2nd, Chris was “being duly” and decided to weave from memory accounts of his time as a police officer that seek to lay the blame for infant and child death at the feet of vaccines.

His Statutory Declaration includes SIDS and Shaken Baby Syndrome. Predetermined agendas on the part of QLD police, illegal conduct on the part of QLD police, apparent planting of evidence, supposed denial of facts by police and more. All this comes through in a sworn “oath”.

Why did Savage not report corrupt conduct at the time? One event – tampering with a prisoners property – applies to the rights of all prisoners, regardless of the cause for arrest. What was Savage thinking? Was corruption and tampering with property so common he only deems this occasion worth recounting because it helps firm the theme of his “oath”?

In fact, by “recounting” this, Savage has confessed to a serious misdemeanor, if not crime, on his own part. One that saw an innocent man charged with the manslaughter of a 5 year old, if Savage’s oath is true as he alleges. If so and if this person was convicted and jailed he may well still be in custody. The man was charged in September 2009. This dear reader, is way beyond joking about throwing fruit.

Immediately his sworn oath becomes a sensational account of how QLD police arrested an innocent man, planted evidence and because they, “did not have any evidence against the father of foul play”, chose to label the cause of the child’s death as Shaken Baby Syndrome.

How did police get the “medical evidence” of Shaken Baby Syndrome? Was there no autopsy? Did they make it up on the spot as Savage seems to infer?

Surely the best interests of Queensland, QLD police, the person arrested, the child’s mother, the child himself and all Australians are now best served by an examination and investigation of this matter.

Clearly there are more questions raised here than just one troubled man’s opinions about vaccines. To be sure he intends to convey a link between vaccination and dangerous adverse reactions. As do countless others. Yet, what we have entered into oath are accusations that go to the very heart of the integrity of QLD police. To the very basis of justice.

I trust Christopher William Savage is willing to assist with any developments as they arise.

Below is the apparent sworn oath. A copy is available on Chris Savage’s Facebook Notes page. Item 51 includes the account of misconduct on the part of detectives and a “colleague”.

I, Christopher William SAVAGE of 160 Amamoor Dagun Road AMAMOOR in the State of Queensland Australia being duly (sic) make on oath and say:
1. I joined the Queensland Police Service in 1989 at the age of 27 years.
2. My training commenced at Oxley Police Academy in June 1989 and was completed on Friday the 19th day of January 1990.
3. One a previous Friday in October 1989 our Squad members were told to line up for Hepatitis B vaccines. I joined my squad members and we received the Hepatitis B vaccination at about 11am that day.
4. After that I went to lunch and in the afternoon I participated in the third of four Physical Training Tests. At the conclusion of the test, which lasted 40 minutes, I was totally exhausted.
5. A short time later we all went home.
6. I expected to recover from the exhaustion but didn’t. I lay in bed for the next two weeks with no energy. I could barely get up and drag myself to the toilet.
7. After a week I went to a mainstream medical practitioner and said: “I am totally exhausted all the time. Could it have been the Hep B vaccine?
8. The doctor snapped: “Oh no it couldn’t be that.”
9. I was given a medical certificate but no medication. I then went to a Naturopath and was given large doses of ascorbic acid and after a few days I felt my energy return.

10. I then returned to the Academy to resume studies which included the promotion of the Hepatitis B vaccination program but nothing about the issue of investigating the impact of vaccines when babies die.
11. On the 19th day of January 1990 I was sworn in as a Constable of Police.
12. I was posted to Gympie Station from January 1990 to January 1991. After that I was transferred to Caboolture Station and then to Zillmere station from April 1993.
13. In July 1993, I clearly recall being called to an incident involving the death of a six month old baby boy in the division.
14. I was tasked to attend the Prince Charles Hospital where Queensland Ambulance Services had transported the baby.
15. I observed the deceased baby at this hospital. The baby had a pale white skin and a darker skin tone patches below the eyes. I completed details of a Form 4, which is Sudden Death information sheet for the Coroner. I also collected vials of samples of bodily fluids and arranged for these to go to the John Tonge Centre.
16. I then went to the residence of the mother. When I first met her I sensed she was in a state of shock and of bewilderment.
17. I took possession of the sheets, mattress and also medications. I also arranged for the mother to attend Zillmere Station so I could obtain a witness statement from her.
18. Around that time I spoke to a detective in the Juvenile Aid Bureau (JAB) who advised me to ensure blood samples were taken. I confirmed this had been done.
19. In one of the days that followed I met the mother at the Boondall Police Station. She was in her late 20’s and was a single mother.

20. I asked her to describe her life from the time that the baby was born.
21. She said “When the baby was born I couldn’t breast feed so I gave the baby formula,” or words to the same effect.
22. She also said: “The baby was eating and sleeping well,” or words to the same effect.
23. She then said: “I took the baby to clinic and there was no problems except for a sniffle, he was fine and they agreed.”
24. She also said: “After 8 weeks the clinic nurses gave him the DPT vaccine. He started crying and wouldn’t stop. That night he wouldn’t sleep properly,” or words to the same effect.
25. She also said: “I took him to the doctor and they gave me some children’s Paracetamol. I gave it to him and it seemed to help but he would vomit his food up and the poo that came out of him was black and horrible,” or words to the same effect.
26. She also said: “He would just scream sometimes so I take him to another doctor and they gave him another drug but it didn’t seem to help anymore. He would frequently wake up at night crying and I wouldn’t get any sleep,” or words to the same effect.
27. She also said: “I then went to another doctor who gave me yet another drug. It didn’t seem to do anything. He cried through the day. Hardly slept and continued to wake me up at night,” or words to the same effect.
28. I could see that the mother was beside herself with tiredness and frustration.
29. She also said: “I went to all these different doctors and they gave me all the different drugs but nothing helped. He started having convulsions as well,” or words to the same effect.

30. She also said: “I have been having terrible nights with him crying and vomiting and finally got him to sleep after he was exhausted. That was about 5am so I then went to sleep too. When I woke up at about 9.00 o’clock in the morning I checked and found he wasn’t breathing. I called the ambulance. I told the lady on the phone he wasn’t breathing. They seemed to take a long time. They arrived after about 15 and tried to revive him and then took him to hospital,” Or words to the same effect.
31. The statement ended up being about 6 pages long. She signed it and I witnessed her signature.
32. Over the next month I received a Certificate of Analysis from the John Tonge Centre.
33. I then took this document to the Government Medical Officer who advised that the levels of drugs in the baby’s blood were higher than normal but weren’t so high as to cause him to believe that it contributed to the baby’s death.
34. I also made submissions that whilst the mother appeared to have given the baby medicine slightly over the prescribed amount. At the material time the mother was suffering extreme sleep deprivation and also administering medications during the night. The mother was also confused by the variety of medication and treatments, which lacked continuity.
35. I completed my investigation and submitted a covering report, Form 4, Certificate of Death and the mother’s statement to the Coroner.
36. I had no further dealings with the matter.
37. A few months later I read a report that the JAB detective I had spoken to about samples for testing had actually criminally charged the mother with Manslaughter (killing without intent).
38. I was very surprised but it wasn’t my place to interfere in that process.
39. About a year later I received further information that the DPP had decided to not proceed with the charge of Manslaughter. I was relieved by this information for the sake of the mother.

40. In September 1993, I transferred to Biloela Police Station and remained there until October 2004.
41. In about the year 1999, Detective Sergeant Roger Lowe went to Moura 40 km from Biloela to investigate a ‘cot death’. On his return he told me something. I later viewed the Criminal Investigation Branch Occurrence Sheet and read that the mother’s baby had died this was the second baby of hers that had died from Sudden Infant Death Sydrome but Detective Sergeant Roger Lowe was conducting inquiries into criminal responsibility with reliance on medical evidence.
42. I said: ‘Have you done any inquiries as to the condition of the baby prior to and after vaccination before death?” Or words to the same effect.
43. He said: ‘No not in relation to vaccines, or words to the same effect.’
44. I said: ‘You should because I have had a case in Brisbane just before I came to Biloela where the baby suffered significant symptoms immediately after the DPT vaccine and then died a few months later. I have a video of doctors who expose vaccines can cause injury and death,’ or words to the same effect.
45. He said: ‘Ok you better get a copy to me.’

46. I left the video on his desk but he later told me that he wasn’t interested in watching it.
47. I became aware that Detective Sergeant Roger Lowe had decided not to charge the mother from Moura who had suffered the loss of two babies. I am not aware of his reasons for taking this action.
48. In October 2004, I was transferred to Townsville Station and to the Townsville Watchhouse in December 2005.
49. In about 2006, at Townsville Watchhouse I saw a young mother and father both charged over their baby’s death. The baby had died after complications that only appeared after vaccines were administered. I read the court brief and the case against these parents was largely based on ‘Shaken Baby Syndrome’ and attacks were made on the parent’s credibility due to minor differences in their testimony.
50. They were accused of shaking their baby but had denied doing so.

51. In August 2009, I was promoted to Sergeant at the Ipswich District Watchhouse.
52. In September 2009, I was on duty as shift supervisor working from 3pm to 11pm at the old Ipswich Watchhouse.
53. At about 6pm in the evening two detectives brought a male person, about 45 years age and charged him with manslaughter of a 5 year old boy.
54. I read the facts from the Court Brief. The 5 year old child had died after he succumbed to a brain injury which had occurred at the age of 2 years. The police were alleging that the defacto husband had assaulted the child however there was no indication of there being any investigation of symptoms before and after vaccines. The father had denied assaulting the child. Medical evidence of Shaken Baby Syndrome was adduced.
55. The police did not have any evidence against the father of foul play so they relied on medical evidence relating to ‘Shaken Baby Syndrome’ to charge him.
56. One of my colleagues put a copy of an article by Dr Vera Schreibner into the property of that prisoner.
57. The article is titled ‘The Shaken Baby Syndrome – The Vaccination Link’…I am able to produce that document.
58. Tendered and marked exhibit…..
59. I believe it was my experiences and suffering post Hepatitis B vaccination during my training has led me to believe it is necessary to objectively investigate all evidence, especially vaccines and to encourage parents to speak out without fear of prosecution and persecution.
60. I ceased employment with the Queensland Police Service on the 21st of October 2010 at the rank of Sergeant and Registered Number 4007505.

I understand that a person who intentionally makes a false statement in a statutory declaration is guilty of an offence under section 11 of the Statutory Declarations Act 1959, and I believe that the statements in this declaration are true in every particular.

Declared at Gympie Qld Australia on Monday 2nd day of July 2012)…………………………………
Before me……………………………………………………. JUSTICE OF THE PEACE

Whilst I acknowledge that Chris’ intent is – albeit with no evidence – to blame vaccines for a vast range of shocking injuries, I can’t help noticing that he glossed over the corruption of a colleague. He alleges at point 56:

One of my colleagues put a copy of an article by Dr Vera Schreibner (sic) into the property of that prisoner.

Whilst that publication and Scheibner herself are both thoroughly discredited, one cannot ignore the accusation being made. Although the chronology as to when this occurred is unclear, Savage claims that one of his colleagues placed an article by Scheibner into a prisoners property.

Why did Savage not report this absolutely black and white breach of conduct at the time? Did he observe the event? Hear of the event? Dream the event? Either way accessing a prisoners sealed property should occur in the presence of the prisoner or an independent witness. Preferably both.

That single accusation simply obliterates the intended relevance of the so-called “oath” concocted above.

Why was the article placed in the prisoners property? To infer the arrested male had schooled himself on Scheibner’s “vaccination link” to use as a defence? Did Savage’s mate aim to help or hinder the arrested male, who was charged with manslaughter? Was it done at the request of the detectives who arrested the prisoner? The detectives who, “did not have any evidence against the father of foul play”, so then relied on Shaken Baby Syndrome to charge him.

These are very, very serious accusations. More so there is an undercurrent of police apathy running through the entire “oath”. Savage can apparently remember conversations from 19 years ago. No doubt then, he can recall very fine details from just three years ago. After all he stated under oath:

I understand that a person who intentionally makes a false statement in a statutory declaration is guilty of an offence under section 11 of the Statutory Declarations Act 1959, and I believe that the statements in this declaration are true in every particular.

So what will it be I wonder? His colleagues are corrupt and (as far as we know from Savage) sought to destroy the life of an innocent man? That they planted false evidence in a prisoners property for what appears to be a self serving abuse of justice? The evidence of Shaken Baby Syndrome was used without legal justification?

Did Detective Sergeant Roger Lowe secretly watch the vaccine conspiracy video Savage gave him and, duly influenced by this video, fail to charge a mother from Moura over the death of two of her babies?

Or, Chris Savage deliberately made a false statement under oath and is thus guilty of an offence under Section 11 of the Statutory Declarations Act 1959? If so, what are we to make of the rest of his Declaration?

No doubt the intellectual repugnance of the SIDS and Shaken Baby myth will deeply offend those touched by these tragedies. From individual parents to medical staff and support agencies the impact is one of universal disgust. That vaccination is associated with a lowering of SIDS cases is widely known. In fact early social media chatter is not terribly kind to this “despicably insane former Queensland Police Officer”.

Whether Savage gets what he deserves or what he needs, it would be very helpful if he soon got some due attention.

Or words to the same effect.


15 thoughts on “Ex-QLD police officer alleges corruption in manslaughter case

  1. I wish to clear this matter up in regards to Sgt Savage. I am a Witness to the events that happened at the Ipswich Watchhouse. SGT Savage only arrived at Ipswich in September 2009 from Townsville. Upon arriving he made his prescence felt and got offside with all officers who worked in the Watchhouse including senior members of the QPS. He ranted about vaccines from the day he arrived, he pushed his anti Doctor anti traditional medicine down everyones throat. He sold alternative therapies in the form of medications to other QPS Staff Members. His views were always very extreme and he seemed to be extremely fixated on anything to do with medicine, to a point of madness.

    He has no medical qualifications and yet he diagnoses and sells alternative therapies and medicines. He sold some to me!!! This was brought to the attention of senior QPS members and as a result SGT Savage was removed from his duties as a Charge SGT (shift supervisor) in the watchhouse as he could not be trusted. Senior Constables would run the shift whilst SGT Savage would perform the duties of a Constable and had to be under constant supervison. He was under serious investigation for his behaviour. The placing of material in a prisoners property was in fact ordered by SGT Savage for a staff member to do. He told the only other member working with him that night (a civilian watchhouse officer) to place the material in the prisoners property. SGT Savage then went and had a long and intense conversation with that prisoner and advised him of a defence of shaken baby syndrome and also that he had put information in his property to read when he got to the jail on remand. I was appalled and could not believe SGT Savage’s behaviour on this evening. Eventually senior staff were notified and Savage was finally removed from the watchhouse and sent to the communications room at Yamanto where he could be babysat and could be kept an eye on by senior staff from the district. Savage was a person that was not to be trusted around prisoners or members of the public and also had his service weapon removed from him in Townsville as a result of his unfit behaviour.

    When the world was closing in on him, he then went of sick leave and was paid for a long period of time by the QPS, whilst the QPS decided what to do with him as he was dangerous. Eventually he left the QPS under a medical cloud as medical retirement. He was never confirmed in his position as Sergeant as he was not worthy of this rank.

    I observed Savage selling and diagnosing medical conditions for people with all types of illness’s including cancer, female problems, pregnancy problems etc even though he has no qualifications to support this. He is a quack!!!!!!!!!!!! I looked up his website and it appears that he is still in the business of selling stuff to unsuspecting sick people. His website is “superoxy”. He has it listed in the states with a link to the australian website????? Scam??????

    I am appalled at the way that he is accusing the QPS of being frauds, cover ups, evidence fabricators, liars, framers etc. The QPS do a very good job working long hard hours for very little reward. For the QPS to be on the recieving end of a psychologically dillusional madman is appalling and the QPS should go after him for defammation and should silence him from speaking utter evil and spreading lies and information that can not be proven or supported.

    Mr Savage do everyone a favour and shut up and ping off. Your are crazy and no one wants to listen to your ranting irrational and pathetic self!!!!!!!!! You are a complete and utter disgrace to the QPS and all of the worthy men and women that put their lives on the line every day for the likes of people like you.

  2. This is a shill site set up to discredit authentic individuals. Chris Savage I applaud you. We, the (real) people appreciate you speaking out and we can see through this amateurish attempt to discredit you. This speaks for itself – why on earth would anyone put MERCURY into a fragile baby’s blood system in the first place??? None of these comments address this FACT. No, they use the usual tactic of ridiculing the whilstleblower. Whistleblowers, thank you for your courage and care for the helpless babes. Depopulation from 7 billion down to under 1 billion has been planned and Bill Gates was filmed saying “I prefer vaccines” (youtube – check it out). Go to fairdinkumradio.com for REAL information. Get away from MSM if you want to avoid misinformation, dumbing down of the public, and George Orwell’s 1984.

    • I think you’ll find Bill Gates was reinforcing that good health from vaccines, and the absence of death and disability from vaccine-preventable disease, is reflected in a lower birth rate. This is because parents need not produce multiple offspring in the hope one or two may live to secure good education and employment along with the chance to care for other/older family members.

      It’s no mistake family numbers dropped off with mass vaccination in the developed world. So, yes vaccination does lead to lower population numbers as the economy improves and affluence increases. But the claim of 7 to 1 billion is utter rubbish and the other claim of vaccines causing death thus depopulation is a lousy conspiracy theory.

      There is also no mercury in “babies” vaccines. It was removed by 2001 in the USA and in Australia one brand of Hib vaccine contains thimerosal, but an alternative is available. More to the point it is quite safe.


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  5. I lost my child to sids at caboolture
    He had a vaccine shot 2week earlier
    He was fine happy healthy
    Then one morning I found him he was barely alive
    He died the next day
    We decided to donate his organs to
    Research to find a cure for sids
    A few years later we contacted
    The government to know we’re his organs were
    We were told it had disappeared
    How does an infants organs vanish
    In the Queensland government
    I am going to research what mercury
    Does to the brain
    The organ we donated was his brain
    You might have answered some questions
    I don’t know what to do
    I don’t trust the police or the Queensland government
    I am powerless
    There is something else
    But I am too afraid to speak
    It involves ex police officer
    And a coroner
    I hope I find the truth

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