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An excellent review of the preventative impact on liver cancer provided by the full sequence of the Hepatitis B vaccine schedule. Includes a thorough deconstruction of the disinformation frequently pushed by Australia’s Anti-Vaccination Network that the vaccine is ineffective in this regard or (no surprise) is the “cause” of increasing hepatitis B infection.

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One of the commentors over on the Australian Anti-Vaccination Network’s facebook page challenged the group’s president – Meryl Dorey – to comment on a hypothetical scenario as a way of discussing the utility of vaccination against Hepatitis B (Hep B). A conversation ensued and commentor’s question was never answered, however just last night Dorey posted the following comment on the AVN page:

…with this chart of liver cancer incidence in the United Kingdom:

Right now I’m going to focus on the claim of increasing liver cancer rates thanks to Hep B vaccination.

But first the rationale behind using the Hep B vaccine to prevent liver cancer:

  • Hepatitis B is a virus that chronically infects liver cells.
  • This chronic infection naturally leads to prolonged inflammation.
  • A continual inflammatory state is conducive to cancer formation.

(The virus also seems to be able to integrate its DNA into host cells to cause…

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