AVN: Australian Vaccination Nut-jobs?

When we had a measles outbreak this organisation pushed it around that it was a major conspiracy to push the vaccine

– NSW Minister for Fair Trading, Anthony Roberts, speaking on 2UE –

As you may be well aware the Australian Vaccination Network is confronting the reality of its deceptive name.

One possibility in view of the order to change its name within two months or face deregistration may at least save on logos and letterhead acronyms. In an interview today on 2UE NSW Minister for Fair Trading, Anthony Roberts observed that such groups were “nut-jobs” (a technical term he assured listeners) who frequently also offer the benefits of positive vibes and living on fresh air.

Yes, we’ve noticed.

Perhaps not endearing in the eyes of some but Australian Vaccination Nut-jobs is certainly a darn sight more accurate than any title conveying expertise.

Let’s face it. Anthony Roberts may be firm, but he’s also fair. The AVN could become The AVN. Which would also work for the “Hate Group”, Stop The AVN.

© – Tracey Spicer and Tim Webster interview Anthony Roberts on 2UE.

AVN name misleading

“The Northern Star tried to contact the AVN but it did not return our calls”


2 thoughts on “AVN: Australian Vaccination Nut-jobs?

  1. I don’t believe the name AVN would be appropriate because when we turned out back on her, she’d still refer to it as the Australian Vaccination Network. Better to call it the Anti-Vaccination Network which would still allow her to use the name … might lose the .org.au though.

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