Newtown Community Chiropractic present Weiner… Nimrod Weiner

Weiner. Nimrod Weiner. Shaken and stirred. We’ve met Nimrod before, whilst taking a look at chiropractors and their brave observations on vaccination. Including it being “the biggest sham since bloodletting”. 64% of The Australian (anti) Vaccination Network‘s members are chiropractors – a damning statistic indeed.

Nimrod Weiner: Prominent Anti-vaccination lobbyist

Weiner, as I noted before is from Newtown Community Chiropractic and is prone to run anti-vaccination seminars. Exactly why Newtown Community Chiropractic would want to run anti-vaccination seminars and use slides with Newtown Community Chiropractic emblazoned on each one is a mystery perhaps known only to Newtown Community Chiropractic. I can’t find out because visiting their vaccination events page seems to yield a hastily emptied office.

Nimrod thinks vaccines are nasty things because when you look at humans we’re sick. Sick dear reader, very, very sick. The sort of sick only Newtown Community Chiropractic can fix. Because as Nimrod Weiner says, you don’t see animals with diseases and cancers. No Sir!

Those horses with Hendra virus – dying and killing people due to the lack of a vaccine and those Tasmanian Devils with incurable cancer with a 100% fatality rate aren’t as sick as we are. In fact you don’t see cancers in animals Nimrod Weiner from Newtown Community Chiropractic tells us. This must be bemusing news to those at The Australian Animal Cancer Association or the scientists that documented the many variations of the four primary animal cancers.

Australia’s list of 93 notifiable animal diseases is clearly just taking up valuable internet space. Not to mention the many non notifiable diseases that just distract us from our own sickening sickness. What with our living longer than ever before, beating diseases more than ever before, curing disease during gestation, preventing disability from birth, rehabilitating post illness and injury and of course having almost wiped out vaccine preventable diseases that killed our ancestors we’re obviously so very, very sick.

Could vaccines be doing this? You can talk about vaccines without any qualifications for 2 1/2 hours, “But that’s nothing, let me tell you”. Obesity, lack of exercise and predicted consequent cardiovascular disease are just some of the problems that effect children but not animals Nimrod from Newtown Community Chiropractic intones. Todays children could be the first generation to not live longer than their parents he warns ominously dangling the “V word” but giving absolutely no evidence as to why. So, why?

This is certainly due to the fact life expectancy has sky rocketed in recent decades with medical advances, improvements in safe living and the big one – vaccination. Children born over the last couple of decades were born into a world of scientific achievement allowing sedentary lifestyles and buffets of junk food. This explains why they may not live notably longer life spans than their parents. Gradually we’ve been getting more sedentary in recreational pursuits, spending less time doing physical labour, enjoying wonderful advances in labour saving devices and worshipping the silicon chip.

It isn’t that children are “sick” at all – they’re not. It is true that their parents were particularly healthy, active and enjoyed largely unpolluted environments. The younger the parent the more sedentary their lifestyle also. In fact today a child’s potential for longevity at birth and for the first few years remains higher than ever before. It is lifestyle habits and how long one maintains them that dictates. But anti-vaxxers love to use these fake scare tactics to claim children are sicker than ever before. Simply put: sedentary lifestyle, changing familial habits, processed food often due to time constraints, affluence in eating and rising obesity. From here we have predicted a slightly shorter lifespan.

The lie of an autism epidemic continues even though we know it’s down to entirely different diagnostic criteria. Some children on the ASD spectrum are indistinguishable from other children until critiqued via diagnosis. Using todays criteria we find adults present at a rate of 9.8/1000 and children at a rate of 10/1000. In a UK survey, none of the “new cases” discovered knew they had autism. This speaks volumes as to how wide the spectrum now is. Strong arguments suggest the 2% difference is due to learned skills, and may likely be more – increasing the adult rate above children. Which ultimately suggests we have less autistic cases today provided we stick with today’s diagnostic criteria across generations.

The Australian reports that the Australian Medical Association condemned as “outrageous” claims made by Weiner. One has to agree;

In a public talk, the Sydney chiropractor linked vaccines to asbestos, thalidomide and cigarettes, and said they contained bits of aborted fetus. The chiropractor backed the debunked research of deregistered British doctor Andrew Wakefield – which suggested the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine might cause autism – as “scientifically good”.

The parents and pregnant women who attended the talk in March were told “homeopathic vaccines” – which are regarded as scientific nonsense by most experts – were safer than conventional vaccines. [….]

Adelaide chiropractor Phillip Donato, chairman of the Chiropractic Board of Australia – one of the 10 national registration boards that are part of the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency – said chiropractors were expected to offer advice that was “absolutely balanced, non-biased and evidence-based”.

“It appears at the very least that he (Mr Weiner) is misinformed, and at the worst may be providing misleading information,” Mr Donato said.

“We would encourage people to put in a notification (to the board), and we would deal with it.”

Weiner made Radio National today:

Or download audio here.

Newtown Community Chiropractic slides include:

The Australian had more on the bizarre, ignorant anti-vaccination fear mongering standards and Nimroddery from Newtown Community Chiropractic;

In his talk, Mr Weiner said vaccine makers grew germs such as the chicken pox virus “on human fetus, because it’s the best medium to grow it on”.
“What happens is they take a scraping of that aborted fetus with the virus on it, and put that into the vaccine itself,” he said.

In fact, a federal government guide says while fetal cells are used to make some vaccines, these are the lab-grown descendants of cells taken from three fetuses aborted for medical reasons more than 40 years ago, since when no further fetuses have been used.

What these cowboys of new age mumbo jumbo are doing discussing immunology is patently clear. Creating a market based on fear. Weiner’s product is ignorance and fear and we’d all be wise to have nothing to do with his ilk. They are even keen to blame the Australian Skeptics for reasons I can not begin to comprehend.

When it comes to vaccines speak only to a real doctor.


3 thoughts on “Newtown Community Chiropractic present Weiner… Nimrod Weiner

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  2. I find it so interesting how igarnnot people can be regarding medicine. Vaccines have been linked to many problems from Autism to SIDS and undeniably so. Studies disproving this are conducted by whom? -the same medical corporations who are losing money because people are learning that their products are harmful. The reason why there are now claims that there is a cure for Autism (touted an incurable disease by AMA,CDC, etc) is because parents have been able to help chelate the harmful heavy metals from their children’s bodies (remove the toxins which have caused Autistic symptoms). Now if these children were not Autistic to begin with, why were they given this diagnosis by doctors? Doctors (and pharmaceutical companies who pay the Dr’s salaries) want incurable illnesses because that is how they make money. Medicine is wonderful for many reasons (broken bones, accidents, complications of childbirth, etc), though most of it now is convoluted by the need to make profit. It is not profitable to be healthy or have a cure for anything (this includes autism, cancer, heart disease, type 2 diabetes, etc all have a cause/cure). Open your eyes people and stop depending on the medical establishment for everything. They make money off your sick body.

    • I think if you read the content just here, on this one blog, on Mr. Weiner his misrepresentations alone refute your claims.

      Aside from this I’m sure you’ll find it more constructive to not accuse those who don’t satisfy your beliefs as “igarnnot”. The logical fallacies and flawed thinking (such as confusing correlation with causation) that led to misunderstanding of vaccination are well documented.

      If an argument cannot be sustained without appealing to notions like corruption and profit then plainly the evidence to criticise vaccines is best accessed from immunisation specialists.

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