Monika’s Entity

Monika Milka is a perfect example of why alternatives to medicine have no place being legitimised in Australian universities.

On Monday February 13th, Today Tonight Adelaide ran a piece [below] on the gruff chain smoker who runs Monika’s Entity from run down sheds in Wallaroo and what passes for “rooms” in Gawler, South Australia. Despite being entirely unqualified in anything or registered anywhere Monika claims to be a healer of amazing talents.

Monika Milka: “The Universe knows best”

Monika Milka claims to be a homeopath, homeotoxicologist, iridologist, mesotherapist, biomesotherapist, deep tissue masseur and a deft hand with a quartz crystal diamond laser. Her “Tonics” – 150 ml bottles of ethanol and water sell for $150, and prompted the Today Tonight sting. In a hidden camera first, Milka claims her tonics are responsible for Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine physique.

“He needed to get the part for Wolverine… I made his physique”.

Presently as per the Public and Environmental Health Act 1987 Monika is under S.A. Health Department orders to not administer any substances to any person. Nor can she provide substances to another person, unless that substance is a commercial product. Of course this means Monika would have to spend to buy stock and sell at a retail price. But when you can score $150 for a splash of magical water those S.A. health authority orders prohibiting provision of anything must be a pain in the wallet.

On February 2nd Monika launched a Facebook scare campaign claiming that Heliobacter Pylori was vulnerable to her tonic which could eliminate infection. Diagnosis seems random, and antibiotics aren’t mentioned.

Even people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome “in their veins” were led on by her. “Can I order it online?”, asks one target with CFS. Milka replies…

The scam continues. Only Monika’s “tonic” can save humanity from this “Bastard”.

Sounds… fair. But wait – there’s more Tonic Totality!

Tooth and gum pain? No problem:

How about your pets? Monika has a message for the bird brains out there. Homeopathy makes pets feel good – and smell nice.

Water you can add to… more water. Perhaps add it to cream. Wow, this is magic water indeed.

On and on it goes. I’m sure you get the idea. Monika’s $150 bottles of water range out to cure everything.

  • Monika’s defence, when challenged? [Audio here]

Let’s review how a not too bright con artist manages to be breaching conditions under the Public and Environmental Health Act 1987 simply by selling water. Well back around 2005 Monika hit on a money making boon. She decided she would claim to cure cancer by “killing the worms” that Monika invented as responsible for any manner of horrors. She’d do this by mesotherapy – injecting saline solution and “other substances” into very sick people for $500 per week.

Not long after this in June 2008, S.A. Health issued a Mesotherapy Alert. It included reports on six people who had attended Monika’s Entity suffering “multiple symmetrical skin abscesses on their calves, buttocks, thighs, abdomen, shoulders, face and neck”. Today it appears up to 14 people were seriously effected by this madness.

One had developed a notoriously difficult to treat mycobacterial abscess. Translation? Monika was almost certainly injecting her customers with tap water, the most common source of mycobacterium. Either that or sewerage contaminants.

Monika writes on Facebook and elsewhere using bizarre grammar and spelling. We get a strange contrived pixie sing-song lilt about the universe, karma, the law of attraction and nasty things eventually happening to anyone who challenges her. Monika apparently has some explaining to do.

Remember, Milka is by law not allowed to provide anything to anyone. I hate to be so blunt but she is a dirty, dangerous, deceptive and cruel scam artist. Although Monika has no qualifications, registration nor accreditation with any health or “alternative” health body in Australia she wants the unfortunate victims who pass by to believe so. On January 27th when stories on the urging of removal of quackery courses from universities were in the press, Monika drops a telling comment.

Being unregistered Milka may have accessed hypodermics from Needle and Syringe Programmes (NSPs) provided under harm reduction services for users of illicit drugs. This becomes more compelling when we note Milka claims “junkies” who she unwittingly hired were responsible for the unsterilised equipment.

Milka runs a Deli full time and has a smattering of customers whom she treats in filthy conditions in sheds. Thus, this story blaming missing “junkies” is unsatisfactory. Even if we entertain it (in fact even if we don’t), health authorities must face the reality that syringes used on patients may have been second hand. Milka owes it to her “patients” to ensure they seek testing for Hepatitis C and HIV. How were the sharps disposed of? What reason did Milka give to NSP staff for accessing equipment?

Of course to Milka, this is all nonsense. Despite an ongoing civil case seeking damages she claims it was all “dealt with years ago”. She is the victim in all this we’re told. The Universe trusts and loves her and in the dance of the Cosmos, that is all that matters.

Fortunately she was pulled up in June 2009 during the Inquiry into bogus, unregistered and deregistered health practitioners.
The Inquiry received one written complaint about Ms Monica Milka. It alleged that Ms Milka had:

  • claimed that she was able to cure cancer, and
  • failed to provide receipts for payment provided.

As the wife of one of Monika’s victims told the Inquiry [page 42]:

In 2005, my husband, Ross, was diagnosed with cancer of the bile ducts. After surgery and various courses of chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatments failed to halt the diseases, my husband sought the help of Monica Milka who did ‘alternative therapies’. Monika assured my husband that she could cure him and commenced treating him with all types of sprays, medicines and injections. The many injections she gave to his stomach were to ‘kill the worms’ that were causing the problem but in fact left him very sore. She also took photos of his eyes and then showed him those supposed images on a computer screen, pointing out the ‘areas of improvement’ and telling him how well he was doing. Ross paid Monica over $500 per week. Initially he paid by visa card so received a receipt for this payment but later on he began to pay cash and no longer received any receipts.

Milka’s insouciance to her earthly responsibilities could not have been clearer:

The Committee received written correspondence from Clark Radin (lawyers) representing Ms Monika Milka. In their letter, Clark Radin requested that copies of all oral and written submissions received by the Committee against Ms Milka be provided to them… The option to view the material was not taken up by either Ms Milka or Clark Radin.

There’s little doubt Monika Milka and Monika’s Entity is a danger to the community. She is completely without remorse and appears oblivious to the notion of responsibility. She makes a living from thieving – scheming and scamming innocent and vulnerable Aussies, all of whom will be left worse than before encountering her. The only constant is the never ending barely comprehensible rambling about cosmic vibes and universal energy that can kindly be referred to as the rantings of an insane witch.

Not only is Monika Wolverine Milka a walking talking example of what pseudosciences must ensure they can control, she presently acts as a voice for their place in university. Apologists like Kerryn Phelps need far more than a few placebo studies to make this disease go away.

Somehow I doubt Milka is as loving and cosmic as she pretends. I hope the full force of the law hits her hard and hits her soon.

The Law of Attraction shall we say ♥

Monika Milka: Quackery of the first order


30 thoughts on “Monika’s Entity

  1. I wonder why anybody would bother going to Uni to learn homeopathy when all it takes is to hang up a shingle and rake in the money, without any qualifications at all!

    • You forgot to mention how you all have vested interests& are on the pasyroll of bigpharma & obviously bigpharma has problems with their sphincter muscles twitching in overtime because their $600billion dollar profits at fooling the people are beginning to get compromised…I am fully qualified, which is more than many GP’s can say…after all glorified sales people dont need too many qualifications…& homeopathy hasproven to step up to the mark everytime…which is more than the bogus information that bigpharma put out there & obviously, the Government who are the puppeteers for bigpharma, are also on the payroll & when someone becomes too successful, help to alert & destroy…the contamination that happened had nothing to do with unhygeniene or homeopathy, it had to do with a contaminant being sprayed into a work tool & hence the infection was introduced, as it does…yet never hear of the millions of death & destruction government curriculum & practioner consultants cause & infections created. do not see them witch hunted, let alone lucky if you hear about them…meanwhile the many lies & calculated russian roulette ones play on innocent lives are okay & us idiots let you all get away with it…should get your stories right before you go & destroy people who are making there mark because they are good & passionate at what they do…& get your facts right , however, just like your studies on pharmaceuticals…you never let the real truth out, & if you all did, you may find the people may very well burn you all at the stake for lying to them in the first place & causing serious harm to their loved ones…the truth will come out & people are waking up to the evil sinister tactics of you parasites…& hey I hav eonly got alot wiser at your deceitful disgusting roles you trolls all play, just for a dollar…& it wont be longnow & you all will be exposed…fooling some of the people some of the time & the rest of them all the time…is starting to change…how you even sleep at night amazes me…oh I forgot there are pills for that…& they are part of the deal obviously…& even better Cancer & disease get us all…& you too will be affected…I found my cure…what have you got …pharmaceuticals…pffft…gooodbye…! Price you pay, & it is called karma. Parasites.

      • so, Monika you write: “… yet never hear of the millions of death & destruction government curriculum & practioner consultants cause & infections created..” If they are never heard of, how do you become aware of these deaths and infections? Is it possible they aren’t heard of because they actually don’t exist. By the way, which person is “on the pasyroll of bigpharma (sic)?” You really should elaborate.

      • Really for being on the payroll of “Big Pharma” I have yet to receive anything from them other then a healthy son that won’t fall to a VPD disease or charlatans like you. You are resort to name calling, belittling ect because you take advantage of desperate people which makes you one of the worse kinds of people out there.

  2. I’m in Queensland, so unsure of the particular laws in SA, but it’s quite easy to (legally) get hold of hyperdermic needles/syringes etc. They’re readily available at chemists and even on ebay – less than $10 for a box of 100, as well as through direct-to-public medical suppliers. Given that, it’s more disturbing to hear about this woman, when you think how easy and cheap it is to NOT give someone an infection.

    • That’s true, syringes can be purchased, but beyond eBay she’d have trouble justifying pharmacy purchases – and the cost mounts up. Exchanges provide for every gauge, sterile water, swabs, sharps containers, return/disposal facilities and many provide down to 0.2 micron wheel filters which remove all bacteria. Suffice it to say, with the greatest of understanding to Monika, she would do well to keep recreational pursuits and friends well away from her scam operations/patients.

      Perhaps Monika could drop me a line and clear everything up.

      • Oh Paul Gallagher…I dont touch pharmaceuticals…recreational or prescription, unlike you…with all those incentives…along with paid monies from pharmaceutical companies…unfortunately i had to work hard at my qualifications. However, because of all the pharmaceuticals I was put on since a child, which is criminal. however, a practice, that is common with pharma & their puppets…keep pushing the drugs until one is dead, well I beat the odds & became very successful with helping people & that was my downfall…before I was sabotaged & destroyed. After all the boils that were created by another contaminating my work tools, which I also recieved in comparison to what allopathy medicine does, which includes killing innocent people, yet one never hears about that…& if you wish have documents of autopsy’s confirming this…my patients & I all cleared up with no detrimental effects…which is also more than some of my patients lives which were destroyed by allopathy…not to mention the ones that trusted government allied health professionals to cut into & mak ematters worse, again never hear about that…ofcourse no one will because Government & you are all owned & governed by bigpharma…so anyhting that does ones health good will be destroyed…because unfortunately our Government & bigpharma…rely on us idiots to give them & their loved ones lives with abundance, while us mere mortals are not important & the more stress & illnesses & dysfunctional lives you all can create means more prosperity for you all…oh & dont foirget any wanna be that wants to earn a few quick bucks can walk off the street & become a pharma troll…after all, what else are they going to do with alll that extra money…they get from the system & such making out they can help our dying loved ones…& keep giving false promises till their dying day, when they know no matter what the pharma drugs are never going to work anymore, but they may as well make those few extra millions of dollars…just to make it look to the idiots like they care…which never entered the arena in the first place, coz’ it was all just a con…but keep on witch hunting the homeopath…& destroy anything that may look like it may be stopping the bastards from a few dollars…pretty disgusting our Government , which is meant to be for the People are bought & paid for & sell us out…howeer, what is on their first preference for themselves …oh my its Homeopathy…but dare not let the people who work their asses off to pay their taxes know this…time for many to open their eyes wider…& broaden their horizons & start to take some control…coz, you bastards are milking them & their loved ones with all their worth, just for your own gains…& soon it will be all exposed…oh sorry, is that making your peers sphincter muscle twitch a little harder & faster again…tuff titty’s…at the leats get your facts right before you open your mouth all on hear say & wrong at that…!

    • If you have no idea of the situation, sometimes it is better to shut the F@#$ up & say nothing at all…that way you dont look like the idiot you are…to be commenting on a post that anyone can make anything up on…pffft…Idiot…!

    • if you know nothing about what happened , it is best to say nothing at all, otherwise you may just look like the idiot, that had to say something for the sake of saying it & that only shows the miserable no life one has, to meddle in the unknown…of media & pharma puppets that are paid handsomely for their shite, once again without knowing the facts…!

      • Thanks Monika ♥

        I can't say I'm overly enlightened though. I appreciate your aversion to all things pharmaceutical, but I certainly hope it *does not* include sterile syringes, the 0.2 µm (micron) wheel filters (example) which remove all bacteria (like say, pathogenic mycobacteria), sterile water, alcohol swabs, sharps containers, etc.

        The reference was to the purchase of syringes and needles vs access via needle exchanges – officially known as NSPs: Needle Syringe Programmes.

        Here is the section of the post Noltz commented on, reasoning that you may be purchasing the syringes you use from pharmacies:


        “Being unregistered Milka may have accessed hypodermics from Needle and Syringe Programmes (NSPs) provided under harm reduction services for users of illicit drugs. This becomes more compelling when we note Milka claims “junkies” who she unwittingly hired were responsible for the unsterilised equipment.

        Milka runs a Deli full time and has a smattering of customers whom she treats in filthy conditions in sheds. Thus, this story blaming missing “junkies” is unsatisfactory. Even if we entertain it (in fact even if we don’t), health authorities must face the reality that syringes used on patients may have been second hand. Milka owes it to her “patients” to ensure they seek testing for Hepatitis C and HIV. How were the sharps disposed of? What reason did Milka give to NSP staff for accessing equipment?”


        Personally I hope you do access NSP services with gusto. Thus exploit the opportunity for sterility such clean equipment ensures. This is a good thing.

        I might observe however that what you’ve been describing as “my tonics” clearly aren’t your tonics.

        At best, you’ve been selling commercially accessed water and ethanol provided by a third party in accordance with the SA Health restrictions which prohibit administering anything of your own. Whilst the list of ailments and/or general bodily functions you claim such “tonics” therapeutically help is endless.

        When the bottle is empty your instructions are to refill with tap water, slap the bottle ten times – and the “tonic” is back to 100% strength. Able to do anything from curing infections to controlling blood pressure to “ridding cancer”.

        For example on Feb. 19th:

        With My Tonics, the longer one takes them the more unresolved issues are resolved, as it is not just about ridding Cancer, it is dealing with the issues too…getting balance back right to the core, of where it all started…the Cancer part is easy, it is the rest of it that is the hard work…being honest with oneself & making the changes…nevertheless, the Tonic will also build your strength on every level & will not give you the “healing crisis” until it knows you are strong enough to deal with it on every level…Lovin” My Tonics…♥

        Sugar cravings:

        Stop your sugar cravings with My Tonics…our cancer creating bacterias love sugar …♥

        Or magic chakras:

        I have all the seven major chakras in my Homotoxicology Homeopathy Tonics…just for Us…cause they too need balancing, deep inside of Us…Lovin’ My Tonics…♥

        That’s simply dishonest.

        Please get the help you need.

        [Edited to remove material already in above post]

    • jason you wouldn’t happen to be the one renting Mikeys house with that exuberhent water bill, the sam eone that would not let the admin for the rental property enter the locked up premises of the “shed”…when they aske dto inspect the room…the one that is on compo, & sueing what the fourth or fifth employer, which should really be investigated, as for being that clumsy, so repitiously, one employer after another, I would be asking what you were smoking before you began your hours of employment of the day. You dont even know me & yet your excuse was you were growing the plants for me…yet I have never met you…& I only very rarely smoke the substance you are growing…now lets get to the real issue, your lil’ wifey knew the landlord that owns the premises you are renting & because of your inadequacies, have a definite issue with that…& so you had to make your untruthfull comment to make up for your own disposition of being a loser that is unable to be employed coz’ many of them have wisened up to your scam of sueing & injuries, that way you can sit on your ass all day & have the tax payers pay your way…about time you stepped up to the mark & became the man you made out you were when you entraped your lil’ phillipino wife…bet she got what she bargained for …not…sucked in pal…lucky for now I am not sueing your ass off for making a statement as you have above…however, nevefr say never…just saying hey…might be esasier than working 7days a week almost 24hours a day, which is more than I can say for you…you pathetic excuse for a man…!

      • Haha, speaking of exubherent [sic] water bills, aren’t you the one charging people money for homeopathic bullshit? Lmfao!

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  5. Wow.. Batshit crazy. How does anybody take this person seriously enough to take her advice about their health and give her money? I’m astounded.

  6. Wow…
    I have always taken what I read on the internet with a grain of salt, as I did with this article.

    But then I read the comments. What an unprofessional conspiracy theorist Monika has made herself out to be. Complete turn off. She has the chance to defend herself in a respectable manner but has instead incoherently ranted, raved on about something pharma (what is that, btw?), and savagely attacks posts.

  7. Poor Mon!. It seems the whole world is against her. Not only has she ben reported to Scam Watch, she is the subject of prohibition orders made by the Health and Community Services Commissioner. When will she ever learn?

  8. I was an employee of Monika Milka she claimed she would pay me at the end of the year $3100 the year past (2018). Monika never paid me the new year came and she transfer $2000 into my account Then she put up on Facebook that I transfer the money. I then was charged for this. She claims on went on to her phone then entered in her passwords and transfer them money. Which I never did. Monika also claimed if I lived at her house she would do her treatments on me. One night when I was asleep I woke up and she was sticking some needle device into me and said you have to have this if you live her I said I’m not allowing it. I was 17 at this time.

    • Hi David,

      That sounds pretty concerning. If you were subject to criminal charges and are facing a hearing or indeed any legal consequence please seek a proper defence or legal counsel from Legal Aid.

      I’m not a lawyer and have no legal training. It would thus be wrong of me to suggest any course of action beyond the above – which you would have been already advised of as part of your rights at the time of charging.

      As you didn’t mention your response to being charged I felt it best to remind you that you have the right to legal assistance.

  9. Haha you do know how shady she is OMG the stories that I could say, that evil lier and full narcissist to the highest level with say whatever it takes to win any disagreement or argument and does not care who she hurts, victimizes or destroys to win. Her mouth spews more crap than anyone even realises. She is a prime example of why capital punishment should be reintroduced. I COULD SAY ALOT MORE BUT TBH IM SO OVER HER BULLSHIT THAT EVERYDAY WITHOUT A SINGLE SECOND OF A DAY OF HER IN MY MIND IS A CURE IN ITS SELF.

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