Meryl Dorey chats about the AVN name change

On November 25th the NSW Administrative Decisions Tribunal upheld an order from the Office of Fair Trading that The Australian Vaccination Network Ltd. change it’s name to reflect it’s role as an antivaccination lobby.

Below are a couple of interviews with Meryl Dorey that haven’t received wide coverage. Dorey of course argues the AVN is not anti-vaccine.

Steve Price of 2GB interviews Meryl Dorey on the ADT decision.


Download MP3 here.





Meryl Dorey on the ADT finding that AVN change it’s name


2 thoughts on “Meryl Dorey chats about the AVN name change

  1. While Price is to be commended for his pro-vaccine stance, the interview was full of free kicks for Dorey who spoke all over him at every opportunity. “The Australian Abortion Network” really? I have no idea what its stance on abortion would be at all, if it existed. I gave up half-way through.

    The NBN presentation wasn’t much better. Where was the balance? If this had been a story about doctors promoting vaccination, it would probably have included commentary from anti-vax lobbyists. So why didn’t this story at least include commentary from those imposing the name change rather than letting the anti-vaxxer have all the air time?


    • Yes, Steve had plainly done zero specific research on the AVN and was equally vague when it came to general community concerns. He clearly had no idea about Saba Button or the W.A. Fluvax episode and expected to ride through that point on the assumption Dorey was lying. Very poor on many fronts, I agree.

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