The Unstoppable Underworld of SensaSlim

Have you wanted a total wellness experience? Do you deserve some ‘me time’? Your wellness and health are in your hands!

Imagine how good it would feel to let your day drain away as you DO something just for You

So says Melbourne Laser Skin and Wellness Clinic. Sound a bit too good to be true? Confused at just what a “wellness” experience is? Get the feeling that stopping your money drain away from your hands is about all you need to DO for YOU? Then look no further skeptical shoppers!

That’s right skeptics! In a special offer available only to readers of this post – that’s this post only – I will reveal to YOU the shocking crime wave to have hit Chadstone Shopping Centre and steer you away from a certain scam and probably a violent death. Have you ever wanted total wellness woo revenge? Do you deserve some “justice time”? Imagine how it would feel as you report law breaking criminals to the hopelessly impotent TGA and DO something just for THE CONSUMERS OF AUSTRALIA. Well read on…

Last month as many of you know, the TGA banned the scam weight loss product SensaSlim after the ACCC uncovered misleading and deceptive conduct in advertising and promotion. The entire SensaSlim caper, brainchild of career criminal Peter Foster relied on non existent “research” at non existent institutes by non existent people. Even a non existent Nobel Prize was part of the con. Non existent successes such as the instant weight loss of the Black Caviar jockey made headlines and almost as quickly questions about honesty were raised. Complaints were first filed with the TGA back in mid March this year. You can check here for details on a long, sordid and sorry saga.

As we also know shoppers, this ghastly business climaxed with the arrest of conman and criminal Peter Foster for his role in this dark and devious scam. Technically he breached a court order to remain away from the weight loss industry as it had led to his imprisonment before, and it would be very sad indeed if that happened again. The only thing straining at credibility more than SensaSlim claims of losing weight while you sleep was the apathy of the TGA. True to form they did absolutely nothing for around eight months to de-register it as the evidence mounted. Or didn’t even appear as the case may be.

So from shonky claims, to consumer complaints, to dirty tactics, to the ACCC taking action, to more dirty tactics, to Peter Foster’s arrest which – hilariously – actually preceded the TGA ban by a full week, there’s been lots of attention on SensaSlim. So much attention shoppers, you would have to be very, very preoccupied as a supplier to not hear of this. To not know that:

It Is Now Illegal To Sell, Supply, Advertise, Export or Import SensaSlim

But is there more to this shady world of criminal enterprise and SensaSlim sleaze, shoppers? SensaSlim was masterminded by career criminal and international con man Peter Foster. The same SensaSlim that led lovable gangland figure and member of the drug lord producing Carlton Crew, Mick Gatto to invest his hard earned money? Yes shoppers! The same Mick Gatto who happened to shoot well known prolific underworld hit man Andrew “Benji” Veniamin in the face at point blank range completely by accident and managed to get off scott free even though forensic evidence was dodgy? Yes shoppers!

The same Andrew “Benji” Veniamin who was the trigger man for ruthless drug lord Carl Williams? Yes shoppers! The same Carl Williams who was battered to death inside Barwon 24 hour watch maximum security prison? Yes shoppers! The same Barwon prison whose Head Warden “went missing” on a “hunting trip” shortly after this murder? Yes shoppers!

But wait! There’s more!

As a special to readers of this post I can reveal this horrific gangland tale of shot hit men, murdered drug lords, missing wardens, unstoppable con men and their inexplicable link to one thing – SensaSlim – has come to Chadstone Shopping Centre, Melbourne. Today as the TGA tried to distance itself from any hint of blame the Medical Observer reported:

A TGA spokesperson dismissed as “nonsense” suggestions that the administration had “backed” the product by listing it on the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) in 2010 and that its eventual move to effectively ban the product in Australia was “commensurate with the risk profile of the product”.

The accusations from resellers came after the TGA finally struck the product from the ARTG last month…. The delisting means that as of this month it could now be an offence to import, export, manufacture or supply SensaSlim.

But on Thursday last week at least five Australian websites were still advertising SensaSlim, with some telling MO they had not been told to stop selling the product, while others were refusing to remove the product from sale until the TGA had explained its decision.

That’s right shoppers! That bit actually had nothing to do with Chadstone! Read on…

Is it any wonder these men won’t back down. Not so for stalwart citizen Julie Grinberg of Chadstone Wellness. Clearly Julie had been very busy and just hadn’t heard of the ban or months of complaints peppering the “Wellness” industry and scattered across the media.

Another supplier, Julie Grinberg from Chadstone Wellness, which had the product advertised online, said she only heard the product was delisted when contacted by MO – after which she had the website changed.

“I was absolutely not aware of this,” she said. “Everything’s been changed to our site, just in case, just to be sure.”

Good on Julie. She’s had the website changed, “just to be sure”. So a quick visit four days later shoppers, reveals:

SensaSlim Melbourne Solution… Nobel Prize for Medicine

Oh my! Shoppers! An exact replica of the claims made by SensaSlim in direct contravention of the TGA ban.

The poster above describes the “sleep diet” and recounts the fraudulent trials that led the ACCC to take action over “deceptive and misleading conduct” and for making “unsubstantiated claims”. Not only is Julie Grinberg still selling SensaSlim she lied to Medical Observer!

Asked if he knew illegal products with connections to Melbourne’s bloody gangland war were being sold in the Shopping Centre, local resident Bill Smith said it wasn’t surprising. “The state government are always saying they’ll do something about the rising crime levels but they never really do”, he observed. “These people will do anything for money. No-one’s safe anymore”.

Local mother Jane Jones said, “What if there’s a shoot out as I go to get my nails done and my kids are caught in the cross fire all because of this… this… Senseless Slim? They just don’t care about the law. They do what they want because no-one can really touch them”, she sobbed. When told the TGA would take complaints she screamed hysterically and ran for the nearest exit.

All across Chadstone families were taking in the news the bloody gangland war had come to their town. Jimbo Flabatzki, an overweight computer junkie who spends his days in the Apple Mac shop said he felt sorry for people who fell for such fad scams. “Anyone knows when they discover a proper way to lose weight there’ll be an App for it”, he said checking the App Store on a nearby iPad.

Local lurker Shifty Shane said, “There’s nuffin ya can do. These dudes have international bank accounts, money tied up in investments, layered in legitimate income sources which redistributes in declared earnings. Or… um, so I’ve heard. Whatever this SensaSlim stuff has in it, people are willin’ to do anything to keep the trade goin’ man”.

So there you have it shoppers. Undeniable proof that weight loss scams and Melbourne’s underground gangland war are inextricably linked. To save yourselves keep away from Melbourne Laser Skin and Wellness Clinic Chadstone, or as it’s known by it’s street name Chadstone Wellness.

Lodge a complaint with the TGA here if you feel the advertisement (which is banned and should not actually exist) is not or does not:

  • socially responsible;
  • promote quality use of the products; and
  • do not mislead or deceive consumers.

All the details and instructions are above. The name to remember is Julie Grinberg of Chadstone Wellness. Phone number 03 9530 9800. Remember to add her comments to Medical Observer and include a copy of the advertisement. Parts 1 and 2 are above. Part 3 is here:

The address is Dandenong Road.


Victoria, 3148.

Get that off to the TGA at these addresses ASAP shoppers! The sales price seems to be almost three times that of eBay stores. It’s not illegal to buy it so if you’re caught in the grip of this criminal enterprise save yourself a few dollars. As of today it’s over 11 days since the ban came into force. The ban that states:

It Is Now Illegal To Sell, Supply, Advertise, Export or Import SensaSlim

Fight back against these ruthless con artists and dangerous criminals. Dob in a (SensaSlim) dealer today.


16 thoughts on “The Unstoppable Underworld of SensaSlim

  1. …and the other one goes: ‘I will call on my fully sick boys, eh.’ And then pulled out a gun and went “chk-chk boom!”

    Sorry, I’ll stop with the multiple short comments now.

  2. I sent the following to the Chadstone Wellness Centre on 5 December at 17:31:

    “> Service required: Question
    > Name : Ken McLeod
    > Phone : 0244736363
    > Email :
    > Interested :
    > Question : SENSASLIM
    > I see you are selling Sensaslim
    > Are you aware that the Therapeutic Goods Administration has taken Sensaslim off the register of therapeutic goods, as of December 1, making it illegal to sell, supply, advertise, export or import it.?
    > Read more:
    > regards
    > Ken”

    I got the following reply sent on 5 December 19:01:

    “Where did you see we sell sensaslim?

    Julia Grinberg
    Laser, Skin & Wellness Clinic
    Ph 9530 9800”

    I shall bring Julia’s attention to your blog and ask for her response.

    • Hi Nicky from Chadstone Wellness Support Team, and welcome.

      I can assure you I have absolutely no talent and am beyond help. It’s this war… this goddam war that… does things to a man. This endless battle between those who prey on the goodwill and gullibility of others and those that point to the evidence.

      It… changes a man. You seem to think it changed me into Ken – what better proof could there be.

      If the Wellness Cosmos has deemed my fate be bitterness then I shall gladly accept.

      Light and Love child.

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  4. lol, I’d like to know where your payments come from…. war… you’re kidding, right???!!

    how old are you? have you actually seen the war? have you been at the frontline? iraq? vietnam? japan? germany? russia? of course you havent…. the passion you bring to the useless article “crime sweeping chadstone etc”..

    have you read what they do in africa? some primitive idiots believe that if they have aids and they have sex with a virgin they’ll be cured… you know what they do there??? they rape 3 months old baby girls!!! its all over papers daily! “4 men raped a baby – baby dead”.. go write about that!!! your efforts can be better spent raising awareness of REAL CRIME…

    OH… but you might not get paid for it!!!….

    • Benjamin Johnson right?

      BRAVO CMP. 3RAR’s resident returned Iraqi vet’ psycho.

      The Jesus lovin’ death threatening, religious war fightin’ fruitcake with an obsession for teen porn.

      I see you’ve taken up conspiracy theories. How nice.


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