The problem with Margaret Court

When God came to visit Margaret Court as she scrubbed the dishes one night and told her to “go forth” and set up a church one could guess it would all end in tears one day.

A woman of incredulous beliefs, hypocrisy, charlatanism and greed she preaches a destructive supernatural creed that is considered heresy by mainstream Christendom. It is quite true that Margaret Court persecutes minority groups with the God given “love” she has for them.

Single mothers, drug users, Muslims, non Liberal voters and homosexuals all cop a holy spray. It’s no secret that protestors are at the Australian Open today to peacefully voice what is really long overdue opposition to one of Australia’s most legendary bigots. Although the claim is being made that she doesn’t cash in on her past life in tennis the truth is that she does.

One of the creepiest is messing with young school kids minds by handing out imitation Wimbledon trophy trays to those judged by the group of which she is patron, Creationist lobbyists, Drug Free Australia to have the most biblical anti-drug message. That they are anti-equality, anti-safe sex and safe drug use hence a threat to public health is a message students aren’t told.

Margaret’s journey from tennis “legend”, to psychological wreck to auditory hallucination as Jesus’ private interlocutor had been striking. Plunged to the depths of depression when adoring cheers were finally silenced Margaret could see no way forward. As psychosis lapped at the edges of her consciousness and she lay bedridden with a broken mind, Margaret made a life changing decision. She found a bible and read it from front to back, believing every word.

At about the same time Margaret was claiming she had a torn heart valve. She got hold of an anatomy book, opened it at the page depicting a heart and laid it on the hallway table. Every time she passed she willed herself with the healing power of God that this was her “perfect heart”. Not long after she reported a miraculously repaired heart valve.

Clearly, no longer in Kansas so to speak, Margaret needed help. Proper, long term clinical help. It never came. Exactly what role was played by husband Barry in creating the new Margaret Court is not clear. I have every sympathy for a chap who believed his wife was spiritually touched after such a gruesome ordeal. However the quality of associates she now chose to further her “instructions” left much to be desired.

Margaret knocked over her bible “studies” in about a year at Rhema Bible College, thus becomming a pastor. Next a hefty payment to Oral Roberts University provided her with a dodgy doctorate as a Word of Faith adherent. Word of Faith attracts extreme condemnation from mainstream Christians as it teaches accumulation of material goods and wealth is itself a path to enlightenment: Economic Materialism. Kenneth Copeland and Kenneth Hagin are well known Word of Faith profiteers.

It’s a blend of Christian Science, New Age Mysticism, Christianity and Gnosticism. Its basic foundation is that it deifies humans and diminishes God. Word of Faith practitioners believe they wield the power of God through speech – hence the name – and that God must serve them:

And they believe that they have the same power as God, to create and destroy by speaking using “the Word of Faith.” And with their prosperity doctrine, they believe that their pleasures should be filled and they should be served by God on earth (making them gods on earth).

Court herself has dangled this threat of speaking destruction to punish Australia for failing to re-elect John Howard through united prayer in 2007. In a rare moment of lucidity, Court graciously admitted it was just a reminder and when it came to unleashing Divine Power through speech, “He (God) is Sovereign”.

Yet by this time Court was a fierce Christian Zionist, enemy of Islam and close friend of Danny Nalliah from Catch The Fire Ministries. Danny is well known for blaming the February 2009 Black Saturday bush fires on divine punishment for the decriminalisation of abortion in Victoria, and for his personal visit from Jesus to confirm Howard would win the 2007 election.

She wrote on his website in December 2007:

This man stood up for the Body of Christ against the vilification law; he was persecuted by many in the Body of Christ for his stand, but he pushed through for you and me so that we still have that freedom to openly share Jesus Christ.

From the Prophetic office he gave direction to the Church for our Nation, but the church did not take heed to what he had said – that the Body of Christ unite in prayer and action.  (2 Chronicles 7:14)

I believe we are at a very pivotal time for our nation and for the church.

We had righteous leaders in Mr Howard and Mr Costello and how much easier it is for the church to fulfill the destiny spiritually when you have God fearing men at the top leading a Nation.  Now you have a Prime Minister who says, “that public servants will advise me, not God” to lead our Nation.  (Release:  Southern Cross Broadcasting in Melbourne, Nov 30 2007)

I was praying and God showed me we have allowed a religious spirit to come back over our Nation. God always gives me Numbers 14 for this Nation where Moses repented on behalf of the people; we need to repent on behalf of the church.  The government of this nation is on our shoulders (Isaiah 9:6) – we govern in the spirit; but a lot of the church is looking at man instead of God (Matthew 6:24-33)

I love the body of Christ; what a powerful army when we stand united together in prayer and Word. Let’s stand together for God to manifest Himself; believing and proclaiming that we are a righteous Nation, a God-fearing Nation and that His hand is on our Nation.

♠ – The “Body of Christ” is a term for collective Christians. ♣ – The “Prophetic Office” is the term used to describe a personal visit with Jesus or God.

Word of Faithers also deny a belief in The Trinity and the traditional story of Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection. Probably finalised by Kenneth Hagin their story of Jesus’ demise is that he was crucified and died. From there he went to hell and was tortured by demons. A bit of a whimp he yelled and screamed for help until the archangel Gabriel swooped into hell, defeated the demons and saved Jesus’ skin.

All offences together have earned them the dubious honour of being known as heretics throughout Christendom. Their misinterpretation of the bible is legendary. Court recently said that same sex marriage would, “legitimise what God calls abominable sexual practices”.

This is utter nonsense. She is referring to Leviticus, chapter 18 verse 22:

You shall not lie with a male as one lies with a female; it is an abomination

We know that the book of Leviticus could not have been “written by Moses” as the defence goes. And as a defence it is demonstrably absurd noting that Moses was big on genocide, slavery and the kidnapping of virgins. Whilst the origin of some material is lost in antiquity the notion of the book as “written by Moses” began sometime in the 1st century. Leviticus itself continued to be modified up until around 540-330 BCE.

This is the Persian Era and may offer some insight into why the final book is a strict book of complex rules, much like Sharia law. I’m not suggesting it is Islamic, merely that the notion of rules instructing humans in the manner of living was popular in the middle east for centuries. Leviticus is 27 chapters of rules on festivals, eating, sacrifice, sexual behaviour, cleanliness, judgement and more.

Scholars are quick to point out that the tribes-people who wrote chapter 18 on sexual behaviour were known to use male anal rape as a means in war and of civilised punishment. Homosexuality was also accepted and legal. Not only is the meaning of Leviticus 18:22 lost in translation and time, a glaring absence is that of reference to gay women.

Thus it is not an instruction forbidding homosexuality. The most widely accepted definition is that it pertains to procreation. The word “abomination” in this sense relies upon it’s meaning as a violation of law. A violation of the tribal rule (necessity) to procreate. This was the explanation I heard, with references, in a lecture from a real biblical scholar and I give it credence over that of a megalomaniac and bigot like Margaret Court.

Today Court runs Victory Life Centre in Perth piping TVangelism to over 30 South East Asian locations, making the proverbial fortune. Still patron of Drug Free Australia she may be proud that they have caused enormous damage to children, families, education, public health and illicit drug policy. There are many reasons why this disturbed ex-tennis player should be called out for the antisocial opportunist that she is.

Giving a legitimate face to archaic homophobic views based on ignorance is something Australians should resist.

Drawing from a child indoctrinated by Drug Free Australia. The knife handle reads, “John 10:10” – The thief comes to steal, kill and destroy. I have come that they may have life and life to the full. Be Drug Free And You Will Be With Me, says God (top right).


18 thoughts on “The problem with Margaret Court

    • I’m sorry. Is that question supposed to have some bearing on stated facts about Margaret Court?

      That’s a logical fallacy Lloyd – and a really dumb one too. A fan of Jimmy Saville also are you? Forgive all bigots, ignore the crimes of zealots? All because you’re under the illusion they have done good?

      I think not.

      • Margaret Court – Ignorant Pastor and Qantas

        Margaret Court was a great Australian tennis player in the 1970s. She is now a pastor in Perth, Australia. Like so many – evangelical right-wing clerics, she is dismally ignorant of both the Bible and modern science.

        Boycotting Qantas
        In a public letter to the airline Qantas, Court openly opposes same-sex marriage. She erroneously states that the Bible definition of marriage is between ‘one man and one woman.’
        Actually, if she just opened the front of her Bible and started with Genesis and read on – she would note that marriage between Old Testament figures is largely between one man and many wives or ——one man, many wives and concubines. As she spreads her hatred, she has the audacity to end the letter to the newspaper with “God bless.” I would like to point out that one of the abominations in Leviticus is stirring up anamosity. Strange isn’t it that she probably eats bacon and shrimp and wears two different cloths on her body – all abominations. But, if she states that Jesus has wiped away these Old Testament laws – then the homosexual one should be wiped away also.

        Taking Bible Literary
        This is a stupid way to interpret the complexities of the Bible. While some writings hold the wisdom of time – others are customary to a given era. We must view the Bible in its historical context. Can you take Noah and the flood on all its writings ? Did Samson slay thousands by the jaw bone of an ox?

        Homosexuality, Science and the Bible
        Jesus never mentions homosexuality, but asks us not to “lust.’ Paul speaks of pagan temple orgy rituals where ‘women lust after women.’ The historical culture of that time in Greece worshipped sex and the goddess blessed those who engaged in orgies. Since the majority of women would be heterosexual, then were certainly going ‘against their nature” as Paul records.
        These writings address sexual orgies and not committed same-sex relations – something, Paul would not have known – living nearly two thousand years ago.

        World Psychiatric Association
        The above association of scientists were well aware of people like Margaret Court who uses religion to degrade homosexuals. Yes, if equal rights are not afforded to gays, then they are unequal or degraded.
        In March 2016, the WPA wrote a declaration to the United Nations and world leaders. In an effort to stop the killings, beatings and imprisonment of gays, they stated as a scientific body that their research over the years has found homosexuality to be another form of sexual orientation. They stated clearly that since homosexuality CANNOT be changed, it is therefore NOT a choice.

        What is a choice, is two homosexuals committing in marriage to one another. “God is Love.” (John 1).
        It is unjust and ungodly to use religion to force opinions and norms on others. God gave us consciences and free will. Margaret Court is doing everything that is against the Jesus that I know and love.

    • mr Lloyd by good works do you mean victory life making hungry people who need food say the lords prayer before they receive a food parcel from victory life other wise they are refused

  1. Every Person in Australia is free to believe what they wish if one believes it is not Gods will for people to conduct themselves in homosexual acts then that is their belief and if another believes it is ok then that is what they believe. Period

  2. Also I feel it is a poor arguement to make issue of a person life experiences or beliefs as they are thiers no one elses. And no one else can actually dispute them effectively without being that person. Also over all I feel this artical is void of any statements or accusation that could be substanciated but is more like reading a vindictive rant of a teenage girl that got her nose out of joint about something and just wishes to be malice and mouth off even if the argument is poor or none existant.

  3. Margaret Court slapped me on a face (verbally) for having a dream in the night ! She accused me of occult AND SAID THAT MY HEAD IS SCREWED WITH DREAMS!!! . I wanted to study Bible but SHE TOLD ME THAT SHE DO NOT TAKE EVERYBODY !!! (Is that means God is not for everybody) Shame on you Margaret !!!!! Dear Margaret read the Bible – dreaming in the night is biblical !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! everyone dreams!!!!!!!!!!!!! everybody !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • She said that to me she don’t take everybody. Omg
      All of them witches believe it.
      She did try a few rebukes from behind with those massive hands on my shoulders. Squeezy pain.

  4. Have you read the terrifying 2 full page extract from Margaret Court’s ‘autobiography’ in the W. A. Sunday Times dated 11/12/16?

    She actually claims to remember word for word, (using speech marks) a conversation she claims to have had with God in a church in Paris in 1973.

    But oh! She can’t remember what church…

    She even mentions the private lives and needs of ‘friends’ at that time by actual name with seeming pride and not shame.

    The article posted here speaks of danger to kids minds. I am scared for anyone lonely reading this dangerous codswallop. God help us if she is allowed to keep up this nonsense.

    And God help us if the (single ownership) W.A newspapers and commercial TV channel
    continue to feast on this dangerous nonsense and regurgitate it to people sadly in need of proper help and support.

    I wonder why is it that so many public sports personalities are not able to happily move on to the next phase of their lives as ‘ordinary people’ when the skills of their youth fades and falters.

    The current problem in the situation is of course drug addiction – but I believe that the wild claims made by Margaret Court and her ilk are just as dangerous to people, such as the bereaved or those with kids ill or in trouble and in need of true support.

  5. I’m curious at how she missed Timothy 2:12 which is kind of specific about the role of women in the church.

    It’s almost like some of these Christians can’t read any part of the bible that might personally inconvenience them, but have no problem understanding and broadcasting bits that conform to their existing prejudices

  6. I personally used to believe she was a true born again christian, used to, besides her being a bully and a snob, and a money grubber, I dont like her no more, she treated me like shit when I was going to her church and the bible college, she used to hide in her office all day and give me filthy looks when ever she could, and do secret rebukes behind my back,all the time and energy and the money I put into that place, made me feel like absolutte crap when I was kicked out of the college but I was supposedly welcome in the church. I was kicked out for supposedly my behaviour, but they did not tell me this until they had to spend 3 months making it up, but I was not allowed to go to bible college even though I had already started paying for the next year, why the fuck did they not set up an appointment or something instead of wasting my fucking time,. that is all they said nothing else, what behaviour? I conducted myself as I normally have my whole life. I cried nearly every day going to that shithole, I thought there was something wrong with me, but it was and is clearly them. that is they said nothing else, most of the people in that place use witchcraft and I dont think they know it. I nearly had a nervous breakdown, because of that place.barbara oldfield used to rebuke me too and marg’s fake friend anne used to play wierd strange games with me, everyone who goes there is really creepy. I sure hope one day she pays me back for duping me out of nearly 4 grand of my pension.and she ordains people who are not born again christians to be pastors and what is strange about this is the several pastors who treated me with disrespect she promoted and ordained.I suffered spiritual abuse in that place and if I could go into everything I endured there it would take about 500 pages or so. did you know she hides in her office all day? and she gives filthy looks to people who arent rich, and some of the people who arent rich pretend that they are to get respect.and she only gives so called prophecies to people who she might favour and or to other pastors to glorify herself and them, she doesnt know how to operate in the gifts. I know for a fact that she operates in seducing spirits.I also believe that someohow she was annointed by eugene ewing, somewhere along the is a bad place for the true christian. I knew her for about a year, and that was enough, for a lifetime.
    also there is a marg doppleganger out there in perth although she is not 6ft she is smaller but she looks like marg, a little though.but you would swear it was margaret court.

    • Wash your mouth out with soap at once girl! The lord will not tolerate your vile language. Release the demonic force that resides within yo at once in the name of the lord Jesus Christ!

  7. Listen up all you drug taking homosexual partaking Allah worshipping demonic morphing misguided freaks, shut it up! Do you feed those who hunger? Do you heal those who are unwell and do you ‘do’ as opposed to talk talk talk criticise and attempt to bend your sin clean. And trick whoever you can to justify your own sin and to mislead? Repent. And thank god for Margaret court.

  8. I disagree with alot of everything you wrote. The thing is, marg is not of God maybe she was?, she aint now. She made sure I was not welcome in her bible college and greedy church. She practices witchcraft she teaches all to do so too, even if alot of people get hurt which she calls church hurt. She teaches people to steal claiming it a blessing from God. To scam people anyway you can. her church is full of beasts wanting to devour everything in their sights. She keeps them under control so she can feel like she is some leader or validation of importance through the exaggerated number of her congregation. Also she wanted me to leave, all she had to do was say so instead she and all her cronies played all these traumatizing and horrific games with me even though I never agreed to play. I had high hopes in that church and bible college that finally I belonged somewhere. The truth is marg aint a nice woman she uses people to get what she wants. her church was the one that made it final for me to be truly terrified of all churches and supposedly Gods people. I am very scared and terrified of Gods people they are all beasts and they will devour you. I consider myself a born again Christian, yet I am embarrassed and ashamed of the body of christ and their disgusting hypocritical behavior. I do try to understand the bible the best way possible, I do truly believe though if u r homosexual repent to God ask Jesus to save you. rape is separate from your choice of sexuality. you are not born in any way to be a homosexual serial killer psychopath you are molded. Do not trust marg court she will rip you into pieces.

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